Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Workout Buddy

I was getting ready to head to the track and my 7-year-old daughter asked if she could go with me. So, instead of running the mile there and the mile back, I decided to drive instead. She ran along with me as much as she could and when she wanted to take a break she sat in the grass or ran around and played in the grass. We ran some races together and she said she likes racing, but she likes jogging more because it is relaxing. We did some high intensity circuits together in the grass between some of my laps to change things up a bit. This is one of the circuits we did for fun. I also taught my daughter how to do burpees and she was pretty excited to come home and show her brother and sister how to do them. My daughter also helped me workout my abs by throwing my feet in different directions so I could use my core to pull them back up to her hands to push again. I'm sure the exercise has an official name, but Clare from Peak313 calls them "partner abs" on her "Partner Track Workout." I shared my story on Clare's website about my journey to better health back in October.

In the past two years, my husband and I have made a lot of lifestyle changes. We are making healthier choices, watching our portion sizes, and working out regularly. We are trying to set good examples for our children. We are also trying to be more active WITH our children. We take them to the track with us sometimes, run with them while they ride their bikes, play basketball, tennis, wiffle ball, and football together. This fall we are going to be adding a more "formal" P.E. program to our homeschool days from Family Time Fitness and I look forward to sharing more about that here on the blog.

Do you enjoy being active with your children? Maybe you should try to make them your workout buddies from time to time. If you're interested in learning some fun workouts and want some "fitspiration" as Clare at Peak313 calls it, check out her blog today! 

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