Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birthday Brownie Ice Cream Dessert

My daughter was very specific about what dessert she wanted for her birthday. She said she wanted an ice cream cake, but instead of using cake, she wanted me to use brownies. She also chose mint chocolate chip ice cream.

So, I baked the brownies in my round cake pans.

I then "built" the ice cream dessert in my spring form pan. I placed one of the brownies in the bottom, then put ice cream on top and layered again. I topped it with whipped topping and stuck it in the freezer, and once it was frozen I decorated it. I got the decorating idea from this site.

Do you make birthday cakes for your children or do you use a bakery? I've done both over the years.


Blossom said...

I've always made them- with the exception of this year for my dd. We had just moved a few days before her bday and were in a hotel. She got a large brownie that we all shared. Next year I will make them again :) I love making and decorating them.

Blossom said...

And great job!! You did good :)

Shannon said...

A friend of mine makes them with ice cream sandwiches and cool whip. She just jams as many sandwiches that fit in an 9X13 casserole dish. Covers it with cool whip. Does a second layer of sandwiches and a second layer of cool whip. Then, she puts it all back into the freezer for a while. Yummy AND Easy!

Erika said...

Yum! It sounds like my kind of cake! I make the cakes for the actual birthdays, but my sister-in-law makes them for the parties. She is phenomenal!