Monday, October 24, 2011

Sometimes Ministry is Messy

I had the privilege of going away for the weekend to help out a church plant in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Two church planting families are investing their lives in the people of their community and God is giving them opportunities to share Him and His love with their neighbors. Their ministry is authentic and authentic can often mean dealing with complicated messiness. Authentic ministry can mean ministering to drug addicts, single parents, widows, foster families, and other people who are hurting and have various needs. But don't we all hurt and have needs? What many don't realize is their greatest need is a relationship with Jesus because He alone can soothe our hurts and satisfy our souls. Oftentimes, we shy away from ministering to people in messy situations because we think we don't know how to handle the situation, we don't have the time or resources, or we simply don't want to deal with needy people. Jesus didn't shy away from fornicators, adulterers, the sick, or even the demon-possessed and he doesn't desire His followers to either.

This weekend, our main ministry was helping this church do a room re-design for a 14-year-old girl who is living with a foster family and waiting on the adoption process to be finalized. She has never had a stable place to call home, let alone a nice room of her own. She is learning from her neighbors and her foster family that she is worthy of love and unconditional love does exist. She is beginning to experience the love of a family and also how the family of God loves as well. Part of Jeremiah 31:3 says, "I have loved you with an everlasting love" and this is exactly what we are praying this young girl will realize - that God draws her to Himself and loves her - forever.

I was humbled and blessed by this ministry opportunity. Watching these two ministry families in action challenged me to be more aware of the needs around me and to jump into authentic ministry even though it might be messy and I might get hurt because people are worth it and I am called to to be in relationship with Christ AND with others no matter what the cost.

This gives you a tiny glimpse of the work we did this weekend.

If you are reading this post, would you please take a minute to lift this young girl up in prayer and also this church plant? God knows who you're praying for.

Choosing JOY,



Vickie said...

God's blessings to you. You all have done a wonderful job with this girl's room. There is a lot of love in that room.

Lifting her and the community up in prayer. Praising the Lord for people like you that go out and do this wonderful things for strangers.


Erika@RaisingLeafs said...

What a joy to be used of God to bless this girls life! Her room is beautiful.