Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Travels

On Friday, July 15th, the children loaded up in Grandma and Grandpa's semi truck and headed to Missouri. The children stayed with their grandparents while Heath and I spent about one week in Ontario on a World Changers Mission trip.They enjoyed playing with all sorts of pets and farm animals, cousins, in the creek, and out in the yard.

On Tuesday, July 26th, I arrived at Grandma's house and it was wonderful seeing my children after 10 days apart. I got to spend some time with Heath's side of the family before heading out on Wednesday to visit my side of the family for a few days. The children wanted to take me to the creek - one of their favorite activities while at Grandma's house.

On Wednesday, July 27th the children and I loaded up and drove a couple hours to my side of the family in Southwest MO for a visit. They got to play with more cousins, celebrate their Papa's 68th birthday and play with his cute and sweet dogs! The children and I returned home on Tuesday, August 2nd. Heath and the children had been apart for 18 days, and everyone was super excited to be all together again!

From July 15th to August 2nd, I have traveled a total of 3,211.7 miles just from destination to destination. This doesn't include all the driving around I did while at each location. I am tired of traveling for now and ready to slide back into a normal routine. My goal is to kick off our new school year on August 22nd, but I have a lot to do between now and then!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a busy yet fun couple of weeks! Good luck getting everything ready for school to start. I'm sure you'll be on top of things and ready to go by then. :)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Talk about a whirlwind trip! Wow! And you were SO close to me, too!:) WIsh my girls had cousins but no such luck. Good thing they like each other- most of the time. tee hee.... Lori

Jessica said...

that is a lot of miles! I just googled San Diego to north Maine and it was that same amount of miles! ha!

Ammy said...

You were in town??? And didn't call me??? Girl, you got some 'splainin to do!! ;D I know time must have been short, I just wish we could visit in person some times! Love and miss ya!

Tiffany said...

Wow, what wonderful memories! I am preparing for a new school year as well. Your blog is lovely!