Saturday, August 6, 2011

Adding More Charlotte Mason to our Day

This year I am going to try and do more of those Charlotte Mason things I always want to do, but never get around to doing on a consistent basis. I'm sure some strict "followers" of the Charlotte Mason methods would shake their head in shame at me, but I am making progress in implementing more and more of her methods in our home.

I have decided to put a category on our weekly planner called "Fine Arts." In this category we are going to do units on composers, artists, poets, and a Shakespeare study. We will take breaks for our extra readings and activities for Advent and Lent. The schedule looks like this:

August 22 to September 29 - Artist Study - I am going to choose artists during the mid to late 1800s since we are studying that time period in History this year as we read through "The Little House on the Prairie" series. I'm thinking about Emanuel Leutze (1816-1868) or perhaps take a look at some Native American artists like Seth Eastman. Picture study is something NEW we are going to implement. I think we have done it a little bit without even realizing it (if that makes sense), but this year I want to be more intentional about it.

October 3 to November 10 - Composer Study (So far we have studied Mozart, Beethovan, Bach, and Handel).

November 27 to December 25 - Advent

January 2 to February 9 - Poetry

February 13 to March 8 - Shakespeare

March 9 to April 23 - Lent

This is my plan and there is room to be flexible and I feel a great amount of peace and excitement having this part of our schedule mapped out!


Unknown said...

Me Too!!!! We have a much "richer" homeschool when we make room to include what some see as "the fluff".

It's SO not!

Tristan said...

Sounds like fun! I'm going to be incorporating regular nature study this year instead of leaving it to chance.

berrypatch said...

I love this idea. Thanks for sharing. Last year my sister & I met twice a month and did a "fine arts" co-op where we did a lot of music and art appreciation and application. We are doing something different this year but I don't want to stop that study. This is a great way to incorporate it.

Linda said...

I always seem to have trouble incorporating the "fluff" as Shannon said. I know that I tend to push too hard on the basic academics. The curriculum we use has an Art program, which we use, and we are going to try to schedule in more art, music,etc. by scheduling in "elective" time. I like your schedule, and might consider something similar. Thanks for sharing!
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