Monday, July 11, 2011

Thank You Father for these gifts...

297) Pantry to store food (I have been using boxes since January 2010).

298) Baby watermelons beginning to grow.

299) Slow morning

300) Extra family time as we celebrate the 4th of July.

301) Little boy teaching me about fish.

302) Snuggling on the couch at the end of a "funky" day.

303) Little girl and piano lessons.

304) Rest

305) Husband helping with supper on piano lesson afternoons.

306) Soft, gentle rain

307) Friend's colorful flower garden

308) Arriving at piano lessons on time - no construction detours

309) Friends - conversations, food, and laughter.

310) Tennis for Kids - DONE!

311) Praying husband

312) Pastor who was transparent as he preached.

313) A church with many on their knees

314) Friends to help me (a decorating challenged woman) put together my VBS classroom.

315) A husband who helps with laundry

316) Expectancy and Excitement!


Mary Prather said...

I love 303 and 315! Thanks for letting me share in your gratitude today!

many blessings~

Mary Prather said...

I just noticed you are on TOS Crew -- I am, too! :-)

Jessica said...

pantry!?!? hello?!? I need to see it! how exciting! I know you will miss those boxes!