Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Literature Lovers Dream Come True

Yesterday's Classics is a company that has helped bring beautiful classic literature into the homes of educators today. This company is republishing children's literature from the "golden age" (1880-1920). They are excited to announce they now have Kindle and EPUB files available as well. Would you like to own quality classic literature, but save space on your bookshelves? Then you can download the electronic files and read either on your computer or e-reader device.

I chose to receive the EPUB files to read on my computer because we don't currently own an e-reader. We easily downloaded Adobe Digital Edition for free, and the children and I have been getting used to reading books from our computer. We are currently in the middle of a brief introductory study on William Shakespeare and his works. We have enjoyed reading Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare and Nesbit's Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare all around my laptop. The illustrations are nice and the text is easy to read. I predict some of our new favorites will also include The Burgess Animal Book for Children and the Burgess Bird Book for Children. We are currently studying the Lewis and Clark Expedition and I have found some supplemental resources in some of the American History titles available. I am confident that this is going to be an invaluable resource our family will use for many years to come. When I am preparing lessons for my children, I have an enormous resource to pull from with all the titles available from Yesterday's Classics.

There are 225 titles in 22 different genres available in either EPUB or Kindle format. You can instantly download 225 titles and expand your homeschool library immensely for only $99.95. Many of these books are hard to find, and yes many of the books are in the public domain. However, the hard work that Yesterday's Classics has put into this product ensures you a good, clean text to read from, and beautiful, clear illustrations to look at. If you have spent any time reading books online in the public domain, you know this is often not the case. Another plus to Yesterday's Classics is how the table of Contents is click-able. I love this! For instance, when reading from one of the Shakespeare books I previously mentioned, I can go to the table of contents and click on the exact story I wanted to read from and I did not have to scroll down through dozens of pages before finding it.

The 22 genres include: world history, early civilizations, children of the world, poetry, nature, middle ages, ancient Greece, legends, fables, Renaissance and Exploration, Ancient Rome, science, Kindergarten, readers, fairy tales, American history, Britain, Christmas Stories, Shakespeare, literature, faith, and biography. Click here to view all books by genre.

As a Charlotte Mason home educator, I am very excited Yesterday Classics lists all the books Ambleside Online recommends that they have available for purchase. You can click here to see how well organized this list is. If you are a classic or Charlotte Mason educator, Yesterdays Classics just made your job of finding classic literature a lot easier! Many of you know that often we can't find these titles in our local libraries, and sometimes finding it online in a quality format is difficult. I highly recommend Yesterday's Classics if you are a literature loving home educating family! So head over to the website of Yesterday's Classics and find out what version you'd like to download today!

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*As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Crew, I received this product for free for review purposes only. All opinions are my own. *

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Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Great review! I am loving the resouces as well - I printed the lists of books to browse over until my memory has the offernings set - What a great resource!