Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Giving Container Gardening a try

T's started carrots from seeds on May 11th, and you can see the progress they've made in 11 days. We're growing a smaller variety called "Sweet Mini", so I'm hoping this three gallon bucket will give them sufficient space to grow. I read about growing carrots in containers here.

K is growing a watermelon this year. We are thinking about doing cantaloupe as well.

L is in charge of the Roma tomato plant (her daddy's favorite tomato) and I noticed this tiny, baby tomato already!

I transplanted one of my shasta daisy plants to make room for a zucchini at the corner of this flower bed. I know it will eventually take over, but I think it will be okay. By that time I will move that pot of petunias, and the iris' can be cut back. You might be able to see a couple containers on our deck. One has a tomato plant in it and the other has a bell pepper plant. My husband took some buckets we had and drilled holes in the bottom for drainage. We have a heavily shaded yard, and I've been moving the containers around in the early afternoon so they get a good amount of sunshine.

All in all, we have two tomato plants, two bell pepper plants, one zucchini, one watermelon, and some carrots. It's not much, but we are learning and having lots of fun!

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Jessica said...

we have 3 packets of carrot seeds that came with the kids yogurt. LOL! I was wondering where we will plant them. I am going to try the container way!