Monday, May 16, 2011


Bright Ideas Press is a well-known publisher in the homeschool community. They sell great and affordable history, geography, science, literature, and fine art resources for homeschool families. Today I am sharing with you about their newest geography resource called WonderMaps!

WonderMaps includes 60+ maps of the world, 60+ maps of the United States, 125 historical maps (including Biblical maps), and the complete map sets from Mystery of History and All American History (both history programs from Bright Ideas Press). You can see from the graphic below how the maps are organized.

Navigating through the maps and finding what you want is very simple. We recently did a study on Lewis and Clark. I clicked on Historical Maps, then clicked on the right time period, and found a map called "The Lewis and Clark Expedition." It was a great visual tool to put in the children's notebooks and to use while teaching about the expedition. I really wish I had this resource when we were learning about the Revolutionary War because there is an awesome map that labels all the battles.

WonderMaps is such a visual product. I would encourage you to view this six minute video so you can see first hand all the features this resource has to offer.

Pricing Information: $49.95
This is a resource that will be used over and over again. It can of course be used in your history and geography studies, but it is also great to have maps available for Bible lessons and when learning about composers, artists, and missionaries (to show where they lived and worked).

*I received this product free for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.*

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