Monday, April 4, 2011

GoGo Kabongo

GoGo Kabongo is a fun, colorful, and creative place for 4-7 year-olds to play reading games online. There are three different "habitats" to find learning fun with three games within each habitat (a total of 9 different reading games). Each game has six levels and your child will advance at his/her own pace.

This is the GoGo Kabongo Map of the three different habitats

Click here to read a description about each habitat and all the games included in the habitats.

Pricing: Your child can play at the Laughter Lake Habitat for free right now. There are two additional habitats available for $4.95 each. However there is a special offer right now. If you sign up now you also get the Galaxy Gardens Habitat for free, and only have to pay one fee of $4.95 to have access to all three GoGo Kabongo Habitats! This fee is a one time payment and there are never any subscription fees.

I appreciate how GoGo Kabongo is set up. It is easy for little ones to navigate independently, and it is fun! My daughter, L, is at the end of her Kindergarten year and enjoys spending time at this site when I am busy working with her older brother and sister. I like that there is not a monthly subscription fee to pay. Once the $4.95 is spent on each habitat you want to purchase, you are good to go! I would encourage you to go and at least give the free habitat a try and see if it's something that would be a good fit for your 4-7 year old child!

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*I was given all three habitats for free for review purposes only *

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