Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Chore Responsibilities

Mondays and Tuesdays are pretty heavy chore days around here. On Mondays we clean and organize bedrooms, dust, and vacuum. On Tuesdays we clean bathrooms. For a few months now, T has been responsible for cleaning the downstairs bathroom, so I thought it was only fair for the girls to be responsible for the upstairs bathroom. They are doing a great job. L takes care of the vanity and mirror. K takes care of the toilet. They take turns with the bathtub. I am still taking care of the floors, but it is so wonderful to go in and the bathroom already be so clean! You can't just give children rags and tell them to go clean, they have to be taught how to do it. Once they learn it becomes a routine for them and they automatically know what they are expected to do on certain days of the week! How do you handle chores in your house? Do your children help?


Kris said...

Oh I love this short little post! I actually have made a chore chart in the past however we just couldnt stick with it(my kids are 2,4,6) so I sat down last night making plans for our upcoming school year and guess what I made?! I did another smaller version of our chore chart...Simple things the kids can do and I even made myself one since next year I will have a 1st grader and Im starting my 4yo in K...I do agree that children will not learn to do chore or what is expected of them if we as parents never show them and only tell them! That to me is like God saying He loves us all the time but NEVER showing us...Blessings Miss Nikki!

Brenda said...

At the beginning of last summer we stared a new chore system. We don't do it on set days, but each area gets cleaned once a week. One day the kids do the upstairs. The other day is the downstairs. They are in charge of all the vacuuming and bathroom cleaning. I do dusting and wiping off the counters in the kitchen as well as my bedroom/bathroom.
After showing them how they should clean for a couple of weeks, they really have done quite well. And it doesn't hardly take them any time to get it done.

Ammy said...

I need you to come to my house and organize me!!! We are working on the chore divisions, however, and we are slowly getting a routine down. It's so hard to expect them to do their fair share when I'm so inconsistent with what I expect from them. We will grow in this together, and we are switching duties weekly. That way nobody is stuck with the "yucky" stuff every week! :)

Nikki said...

Kris, thanks for stopping by. Way to go on making your own chore chart!

Brenda, it is wonderful to see how this thing can actually work once the children learn and get the routine down.

Ammy, we really got off track on chores around Christmas time because our routine was so different, and I feel like we have only been doing well the past 2-3 weeks. So, I totally understand the inconsistent thing!