Monday, January 10, 2011

Easy Classical

This product I am reviewing for the TOS Crew is called, "Easy Classical." I am not convinced Classical education is easy, but I am convinced that "Easy Classical" can help parents who desire to educate their children classically. Have you ever read Susan Wise Bauer's book "The Well Trained Mind" and then walked away from it intimidated and thinking, "Well, that is lovely, but I don't even know where to begin!" ? If so, Easy Classical can help you take everything you have learned about Classical education and give you a guideline or schedule to follow. This history schedule helps you to see what a classical education daily schedule looks like. I received the Early Modern History Schedule to download. The woman who put together this schedule has everything mapped out for you. She tells you what resources to purchase (or check out from your local library). She tells you what day to read certain pages, and she has prepared activities (for various ages and learning styles) for you to implement into your schedule.

This history module can be modified for students in the K-6 range. I like the explanations and reminders found at the end of each week's lesson plans to help you (the educator) plan and prepare for the next week. At the end of each week's schedule, there is a small pop-up message that provides a shopping list of things needed for next week so you can plan ahead and have all the needed supplies.

I believe this schedule is a great guideline to follow and truly maps out what a classical education looks like day-by-day in a home education program. Home educators can tailor it to suit their family's schedule and commitment to classical education, and to each individual child's learning style. If you look at this schedule and think you have to do every single thing suggested, every single day, then you are setting yourself up to fail. Relax and look over the schedule, the plans, and ideas, and choose what will work best for your family.

However, in order for this schedule to work, you must first desire to educate classically as outlined in Susan Wise Bauer's "Well Trained Mind," then take a look at the recommended resources and decide if you can purchase them or check them out from your local library as needed.

History Schedule Price:
Notebook Version: $35.95
Digital Version: $25.95
I don't know about you, but it is worth it to me to pay $25-35 to have my lesson plans already mapped out for me! I think this is an amazing price. I do want you to understand that it is still your responsibility to gather all necessary resources, but if you're like me - that's what your local library is for!

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*I received this product free for review purposes only*

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