Monday, November 15, 2010

Tomahawk Kit

When this Tomahawk Kit arrived in the mail from Corps of Re-Discovery for our family to review it was perfect timing! This year we are learning a lot about Native Americans, and my son was very excited to have the opportunity to make his very own tomahawk! Oh, and don't worry Moms, this tomahawk's blade is not sharp, it is made out of leather.

I had never heard of Corps of Re-Discovery before, but I am glad to know about them now. They have very affordable kits that would be nice supplements to all sorts of homeschool studies like American Indians, Pioneer and Colonial life, Frontiersmen, and Leather Working! For instance, the Tomahawk Kit we received is ONLY $5.50! Some other things that would be fun to add to our Native American studies are the headband kits that are only $3.50 and a moccasin kit is $14.50. I am seriously considering purchasing this Coon Tail Hat Kit for my son as a Christmas gift because he has wanted one for two years now - ever since he learned about Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone!

So, head over to the Corps of Re-Discovery Site today and check out their fun and affordable kits today. You can also follow Corps of Re-Discovery on Facebook!

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*I received this product for free for review purposes*


Our Homeschool Reviews said...

The tomahawk kit looks fun! I bet my daughter would even love to make that!

Sheri said...

Yes, the tomahawk is fun! My son's favorite one too. Nice review!