Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up: Filled with Missionaries, Leaves, and Cookies

This week has been filled with missionaries! Our family was blessed with the opportunity to meet and listen to four different missionaries share at a missions celebration held at our church. We heard from missionaries who have worked or are currently working in New England, the Philippines, India, and Western Tennessee. T, my 9-year-old son thought it was amazing when the missionary from India shared how he saw 19 people come to a relationship with Christ in ONE day!

On Monday, some friends came over and they decorated fall cookies together. The children decorated leaves and pumpkins in some pretty creative ways!

This week we started our Sunny Seashells lapbook, and the children and I are getting more and more excited about our trip to Florida! I do have to say that I felt pretty stupid once when I realized I did a matchbook completely wrong, but my 7-year-old daughter straightened me out. She is so crafty, and I am not.

The children are both reading The Courage of Sarah Noble right now, and we are all continuing to enjoy our study of early American history. T got to put together his very own Tomahawk from a kit (see picture below) I received to review from Corps of Re-discovery. I'll be writing a review about it next month for the TOS Crew.

The children did comic strip book reports for "The Thanksgiving Story" by Alice Dalgliesh, and here's how they turned out. The children first wrote down six things in the story they wanted to write/tell about in order to organize their thoughts, and then they started drawing. Last week T didn't think he wanted to do this type of book report, but after seeing his sister's he thought it might be fun!

Each week T and K (my two older children) have almost identical lesson plans. I would prefer they stay on track together because it makes my life easier, but this is not working out. I am reminded once again that one reason we have chosen to home educate is so our children CAN progress at their own pace. For instance, K can handle reading 2 chapters/day in her silent reading book, while T can handle 1 chapter. T has made HUGE improvements already this year. Ten weeks ago I had to be right by his side to help him get through one chapter, and now he grabs a book and takes it to the couch and reads the chapter by himself, and then comes to me and narrates to me the chapter he just read! So what if they're not doing book reports on the same day? I am educating three different children, on three different grade levels, and that means I have three sets of goals, objectives, and plans for each child.

On Thursday afternoon we spent some time raking leaves in our backyard. I think this counts for P.E., what do you think?

Sunday will be T's last flag football game of the season. He has had a lot of fun and is already excited for next season. K is continuing her piano lessons and is working on Christmas music.

Next week we will continue our Sunny Seashells lapbook, do some reading, writing and arithmetic each day while we prepare to leave for our vacation on Thursday! Have I mentioned how excited we are?!!! So, my weekly wrap-up friends, I'll see you in a couple weeks! I am praying for good health, safe travels, relaxation, and fun times! We hope to meet either an alligator or crocodile, come home with lots of pictures, and a sea shell collection.

This week, the weekly wrap-up is being hosted by See Jamie Blog because Kris from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers is away at a conference.

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cahanbury said...

I want to go to Florida. How nice! Raking leaves totally counts for PE, and home ec, or something. School is life! I am HSing 4, and I hear you on the scheduling them together thing. We do what we can together, but sometimes it doesn't work. Thankfully, the oldest is transitioning into being able to read a list of required work for the day and accomplishing it, with some, um, refocusing. Have a great vacation!