Monday, October 11, 2010

Talking Fingers

The Read, Write & Type! Learning System from Talking Fingers is more than a typing program for your children - it is also a reading program. It is recommended for children in Kindergarten to 2nd grade who are just learning to read, children who are struggling to read, and ESL students.

My daughter, K, is the child I chose to explore this program with in order to be able to write a review for Talking Fingers. K is a confident reader, but she did enjoy this program and thought it was a fun way to practice typing. Her younger sister, L, who is working on a Kindergarten level watched every lesson her sister did. At first I really thought this program was long and drawn out for a typing program, but the more I read on the Talking Finger's website, and the more I watched the lessons progress, the more I understood this is not meant to simply teach children to type. I definitely can see how this program has the potential to help a struggling reader and an ESL student learn to identify the letter sounds, build upon them, and learn to read.

On the Talking Fingers website, you can read information about this product, and how it is set apart from other reading programs. I want to share some information taken from the website that I think is very valuable to share in this review and why I think it has appealed to my children.

Read, Write & Type activates multiple brain systems! Children see, hear, speak, touch, move their fingers, and laugh with pleasure as they play each new level. Research shows this is the most efficient and effective way to learn.

Honestly, our family probably will not continue using this product. Not because I don't believe it's a good product, but simply because it's not a good fit for our family at this time. I would recommend it if you have a struggling reader or an ESL student to go and check out a demo of this program by clicking on THIS link. Sometimes I receive things from the TOS Crew that is a good fit for our family and that's great, but it's also great when I get to review something that I can recommend to others that might be a blessing and a good fit for their family, and that's how I feel about the Read, Write & Type program.

Price: $35.00 for ONE user. Price goes up with each additional user. This price is for 5 year subscription.
Another option is to purchase the Read, Write, and Type CD Home edition for $79.00 for use in your homeschool for multiple users for years to come.

To read what other TOS Crew members have to say about this product, head over to the blog to read more reviews.

*I received this product free of charge for review purposes.*

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Christina said...

I have been thinking about buying this for my dd as a supplement. She is just starting to sound out cvc words and I was wondering if you think that she will be bored with this product. Thanks for your opinion.