Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Online Protection for Your Child

PG Key is a device that plugs into your computer's USB port, and after an installation process, can help parents protect their children while they're online.

Here are the features of the PG Key:

SafeKey Time Lock - if your child attempts to use the computer without the PG Key they will be unable to.
SafeKey Safe Search - Thousands of inappropriate websites are automatically blocked, and the parent also has the option to only allow their child to go to certain websites while online. The SafeKey Safe Search home page and toolbar makes sure your children will not get unwanted results or images while doing an innocent internet search.
SafeKey Alerts - Parents can be sent e-mails or text messages if their child does not follow the rules the parent has set.
SafeKey Encryptor - Any attempt to disable SafeKey or even look for inappropriate information will be recorded.
SafeKey Session Recorder - Up to 60 hours of computer activity can be recorded. The parent can go through and actually see how their child spent time online. Activities like web browsing, chat sessions, e-mails, games, and social networking sites are all recorded like a movie and can be watched like a movie to know exactly what your child is doing, who they're talking to and interacting with online.

Our family's thoughts:
Our family of five primarily uses one laptop in our dining room because our desktop downstairs in the basement is ancient. For PG Key, you must set up multiple users in order for the security device to know who is on the computer, how much time they're allowed to be online, and what needs to be blocked. When you have multiple users on a computer it junks up the computer because it uses too much memory for all the different desktops it stores for each user. There is also the potential for passwords to be lost when you have that many users on one computer. We think this is a good product and would be great if each child in a family has his/her own computer, and also for families who have children home alone before or after school while both parents are working.

The PG Key is priced at $49.99 (plus s&h), and there is no monthly or annual fees required. This is something my husband was very impressed by since a lot of internet filtering services have a monthly fee, and that adds up over the years.

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*I received this product for free for review purposes*

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Brenda Davis said...

I signed up for SafeEyes this past February. It has a yearly fee, but I was able to find an online coupon to get 10% off the price. I have liked it so far. I appreciate the fact that it will block just the advertisements on certain pages if they fall under my banned categories. I think you can personize it per person, but I have not done it. Brenda