Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up ~ Sports, Sewing, and Music

We wrapped up week #5 this week. We studied a wide range of topics like adverbs and adjectives, the Aztec Indians, and discussed how slavery began. The Aztec Indians and slavery are two really tough, heavy topics for young children. I am amazed at the discussions we've had together as a family this week. The children finished reading "Pocahontas and the Strangers" by Clyde Robert Bulla for their silent reading time this week. T (my 9-year-old son thought the book was fine until John Rolfe proposed to Pocahontas and they got married. From that point on he thought the book was "disgusting." K, on the other hand (my 7-year-old daughter) loved this part of the book.

T had his first flag football practice on Wednesday and did a great job! So for the next six weeks our family will enjoy cheering on T's team!

K had her first sewing lesson on a machine this week. Some sweet ladies at our church were so kind and patient with her and helped her make three pillows!

K is still taking piano lessons each Thursday. She is still practicing on this keyboard, although we've set her up a place to practice in her bedroom. I got tired of her keyboard and piano books taking up half of our dining room table. We are beginning to look into pianos because she is starting to get into some techniques in her book like crescendo and decrescendo, and staccato. Those are tough to do on a keyboard.

T is still taking drum lessons. These lessons are FREE because his Dad is his teacher!

I often leave out my little Kindergartner in these weekly wrap-up posts. She is working on reading, writing, and 'rithmetic. She joins us for our social studies and science read alouds and projects. One of my favorite quotes from her this week she said after she completed a math activity: "Okay Mom, I'm done! Now can I go free?" Go free? Did she think I had her handcuffed to her chair or something? Oh, she keeps me laughing and I love it! I really am a relaxed or gentle home educator. If a little one is seriously getting frustrated by a concept we just stop, put the book away, and start again the next day where we left off. We sometimes only do half a lesson in the book, "How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons." There is no sense in pushing your little one to read through tears. I want my children to be encouraged and praised, not discouraged and frustrated while their learning to read.

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musicalmary said...

We loved Pocahintas and the Strangers and did a whole project around it for a literature fair. I love your blog!

Tristan said...

It sounds like a good week, and yes, I can see similar reactions at my house for the book when we got to the 'marrying part'. Too funny.

One Mom said...

HI. Stopping by on the blog walk! My 7 yr old is also taking piano lessons and has been working on a keyboard at home for a year now. We have been looking for a used piano for many weeks now with no luck. I know we will find the right one sooner or later!

Oh, I have a giveaway over at my blog right now if you want to stop by!

Elinette said...

What a fun week you all had. Stopping by on the blog walk. I enjoyed reading through your blog, especially your kids in the kitchen section.

Sharla said...

The Pocahontas thing made me laugh! My boys and girls are the same way - the boys hate the lovey parts and the girls have that as their favourites.

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

We got our piano used through FreeCycle. I just posted on there and hoped for the best. (I also posted on Facebook to local friends asking about it too.) In the end, we got the piano on Facebook, but we also had a local friend offer us a piano after the fact. So, it might be worth looking into.

We need to work on sewing here at home too. I have a new machine, so it would be great for the kids. Our middle son just started a sewing class at our co-op. He's very excited about it.