Thursday, July 8, 2010

Piano Lessons

K, my 7-year-old daughter started taking piano lessons in May! She is really catching on quickly. I think she has a lot of natural ability. Another home educating Momma who lives here in our town is K's teacher. For now, K is practicing at home on a keyboard, but we are currently looking for a good, used piano to purchase.

Do your children take music lessons?

Do you notice the stand that K is using to hold her piano book? It is called a Studypod. I received one through the TOS Crew last year, and wrote a review about it here on my blog last September. I am amazed at all the various things we have used this product for.


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

this is a great photo she looks like she is really enjoying it!

Shannon said...

Pray about the piano...and don't spend more than $50 bucks! Just let people know that you're looking.

People are always giving away pianos. My daughter's old piano teacher had 4 in her house at one point. People passed away and the families just gave them to her. Then she would give them to her students. Another hsing friend of mine was given a piano by her doctor. It turned out to be a Baldwin in exc. condition.

People buy them thinking, "one day..." and then that day never comes and they have this gi-normous instrument taking up a whole bunch of room in their house.

Best wishes on your "quest". :)

Nikki said...

Shannon! Thanks for the tips! I was thinking $100 would be great, but I like the sound of $50 so much more!!!!
I know a church we served in, in AR had pianos in all sorts of random places, and I'm sure they would have allowed us to purchase one.
Yes, we will keep praying!