Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hanging the Sheets Out to Dry

I have 51 feet of clothes line at our new home. I tie it up when I want to use it, and take it back down when I'm done because this is the main area of the yard the children play things like Frisbee and football. My washer and dryer is in an unfinished room in our basement. We have to run a dehumidifier down there constantly (which uses a lot of energy) and of course dryers take a lot of energy. So, I'm going to try and dry more things on my clothes line to save energy (which means saving $). The less I run the dryer, the less energy I will use, and the less humidity it will add to the room, which in turn will allow the dehumidifier to run less. I have a little saying when I do things like hang clothes out on the line to dry instead of putting them in the dryer - I say: "That's very 'Little House on the Prairie!' " I love that show - don't you?

The little girls had a lot of fun running under the sheets today! My children truly help me see HUGE blessings in the tiny little things tucked away in our everyday lives! I am so thankful for the joy they bring into my life!


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

there is nothing more wonderful than the smell of outdoor dried laundry, no fabric conditioner can beat it!
Collette x

Nikki said...

I agree Collette! I think it's so fun to hang things out on the line! I love to watch them "fly" in the wind:)