Monday, May 31, 2010

Mold Detective

This year for Science we have been using Considering God's Creation. We recently wrapped up a study on mold. The children had a lot of fun, but were a bit grossed out at times. Here's a picture of the mold we grew as an experiment.

To wrap up our study T and K had to do a writing assignment. I let them choose if they wanted to write a story, poem, or a scientific report. K, my 7-year-old daughter chose to write a poem. T, my 8-year-old son chose to write a scientific report.

Mold Detective Report by T
We started our experiment on May 5th. We first saw mold on May 11th. The mold grew green and white. The mold feels hard. Today is May 18th and I see lots and lots of green mold. I see more green mold than white mold.

The Old Bread by K
I'm a little piece of bread
and now I'm growing mold.
I have white and green mold.
Now I'm getting hard and old.
And if someone eats me they will get sick.
I'm getting older every moment.
Don't eat me.
I don't like this.
Why does mold grow?
It gross because the bread is old!

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