Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lobster Network

TOS Crew members received the opportunity to check out LobsterNetwork, and YOU can too for FREE!!!! LobsterNetwork is an online resource that helps you organize and take inventory of all your stuff (like homeschool curriculum).

This is what LobsterNetwork stands for:

You can simply keep an online inventory of your homeschool curriculum, or any other books, music, movies, etc...The possibilities are endless. You can decide if you want to simply take an inventory of all your stuff, lend it, trade it, or sell it.

I am actually playing around with LobsterNetwork to see if it would be a tool our local homeschool organization can use to help organize our curriculum closet. Each member of the organization would have to sign up for a FREE account, join the community I've set up and then list all the items they want to share. You would always have a record of who has your stuff, so when you need it back, you will be able to remember who to call. Have you ever let someone borrow a book and you can't remember WHO you let borrow your book? LobsterNetwork can help with that!

Over the Summer, I plan on taking inventory of all our homeschool curriculum and resources and entering it into LobsterNetwork. Then, I will talk to my friend who runs the curriculum closet and see what she thinks. Right now she has people in and out of her house all the time dropping stuff off to donate or "shopping" in the curriculum closet. If all the members are willing to join LobsterNetwork, enter all the curriculum they are willing to lend, and join the community, we can swap away and not completely take over Mrs. Jenny's basement!

Well, this is my last TOS Crew review for this year! I have enjoyed this opportunity very much. I am looking forward to the break, but I'm sure I'll be excited to start year #2 on the Crew next fall! Please take a minute to read more LobsterNetwork Crew reviews. Many of the members have a lot of great information and ideas to share!

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