Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy Mom's Bible

I just received a free copy of Zondervan's Bible for busy moms. There are a few things that I believe makes it a nice Bible for busy Moms.

1. It is not huge and will not add a lot of bulk or weight to an already crowded and heavy diaper bag.
2. It is really cute and colorful (mine is PINK!)
3. It is the entire Bible (New and Old Testament).
4. It has a nice concordance.
5. It includes 52 (easy to find) "Thought Starters" to help you on those days you only have a moment to grab a bite of God's Word.

My husband is a Pastor. So, I do have the privilege of investing into the lives of many women in our church family. I often ask them if they are spending time in God's Word, and frequently I hear something like, "Well, I don't have time to read my Bible and pray." I always encourage them to grab just a few verses and to meditate on a single verse throughout the day. This Bible could be a fine tool for busy Mom's. The "Thought Starters" dispersed throughout this Bible are easy to find because they are on brightly colored pages. A Mom can sit down to nurse or feed her baby a bottle, sit the Bible next to her and easily read from the "1 Minute" and "5 Minutes" section.

For more information on this Bible, click here to watch a video.
For more detailed information and ordering information, click here.

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