Monday, January 18, 2010

MathScore - Accurate Learning ~ TOS Review

MathScore is a "no frills" online mastery-based math program for 2nd grade math through Algebra I. The program has been designed by an MIT graduate and has been proven to increase test scores. If you are a family who educates at home, I recommend clicking over to read more about how MathScore can be used as either a supplement to your current math curriculum or as a full math curriculum.

My children are on the younger side of the recommended ages for this program. My son is in 2nd grade and my daughter is in 1st grade. They struggled with entering their answers. In similar products they've used in the past, they were used to typing in their answer and then hitting the enter button. With this program they use the computer mouse to click on their answer, and then click on the enter button. This was challenging to them because it was new and different. They need more time to practice and get used to this program's way of doing things. One thing I did to help my son (because he gets frustrated easily is to enter in the answers for him as he shouted them out).

As a parent, I truly appreciate the emails sent to me that give me an outline of the time my children spent practicing their math. I can also log in and go to the activity summary section to see how much time they spent working, and what their accuracy was. This is a great tool to help you, as the parent and educator, assess their learning. It is also a great tool to give your students to work on independently while you work with other children one-on-one. We are not at the independent stage of this yet because my children haven't got the hang of how to enter in their answers with this particular program. But, it will come with time and practice.

Pricing Information:
First child $14.95/month
Second child $5.00/month
Each additional child $3.95/month
*You are allowed to freeze your account such as when you may be taking time off for holidays or for vacation * (I think this is a pretty cool option!)
*MathScore also offers a 2 week free trial and you can sign up as many children for this free trial. After two weeks of use, your family will know if this is something that will be a good fit for your family.

Take a moment to read more about the unique characteristics of MathScore today by clicking on the "About This" tab.

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