Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Touch of Peru

This summer I got to spend 10 days in Peru on a mission trip. While I was there I was given the opportunity to share the gospel with dozens of Peruvians, and helped lead Bible Clubs for children. My time there was amazing, and I would have stayed longer if my family could have traveled down and joined me. While I was in Peru, I purchased this small nativity scene and an ornament. When I pulled them out this week to decorate our home for Christmas a flood of memories and emotions filled my mind. I strive to remember my Peruvian brothers and sisters and thank God for them in my prayers. I continue to pray for all the individuals who heard the message of Jesus Christ. Some chose to accept Him as Savior and Lord, and some did not. I pray that during this Christmas season, the Holy Spirit would keep working on their hearts, drawing them closer and closer to Him. I also pray for all the pastors and church members to be faithful and diligent to help disciple the new, young believers; and to be faithful and continue to share the gospel of Christ with those who have not yet surrendered their lives to Him.

Feliz Navidad

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