Sunday, December 20, 2009


We have never made a big deal out of Santa Claus. He is a fun fairy tale and nothing else, just like Cinderella or Snow White. My 7-year-old daughter shared in our family Christmas letter that her favorite Christmas song is "Rudolf the Red nose Reindeer." See? We enjoy the silly, child-like fairy tales that go along with this time of year. But, you better believe my children KNOW the difference between Truth and fairy tale. We have faced opposition from members of our church families over the years.

When my son was 4-years-old he had a Sunday school teacher who would ask him if Santa was coming to his house. He would say "no." His Sunday school teacher would go on to say, "Well, Santa is coming to my house."

Recently, my son (now age 8) was visiting his Grandma's church. A teacher there asked, "Who is more powerful God or Santa?" My son said, "Well, God is more powerful because Santa isn't even real!" He simply answered this question with innocence and honesty. But his honesty led to another 8-year-old girl crying the remainder of the evening. The teacher said her heart was absolutely broken!

So, you know what I wish? I wish that Santa wouldn't even be brought up in Sunday school classes! Seriously...I don't think you are a poor Christian parent if you choose to play the Santa game. I truly do not. I just wish that at least at church we could focus on the TRUE reason we celebrate Christmas. Why does Santa Claus even get his foot inside the door of our churches? Why do children have to be asked whether or not they believe in Santa while they're in Sunday school class? These teachers of children are missing a HUGE opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ - the newborn King to these precious children.


Jessica said...

well said.

The Adams Family said...

We go through the same thing with our children - and it's tough. We've told them all along that Santa isn't real, just something people pretend. And, every year he's brought up in Sunday School or just in casual conversation while at church. When our oldest was 4 her SS teacher asked what Santa would bring her on Christmas morning. Our daughter replied that she doesn't believe in Santa, our family believes in Jesus. Her teacher about melted.