Thursday, September 24, 2009

Passkeys Foundation ~ TOS Review

"Thanks, But No Thanks" is a book from The Good News Express series sold through the Passkeys Foundation. It is a story about how the world would be if no one ever said thank you. The story is great and the illustrations are wonderful! The book came with an audio CD that tells the stories, and includes two songs that go along with the story. My children enjoyed listening along with the CD and the music. The books in this series have the whole package - great lesson, music, and illustrations.

My four-year-old said, "I like the songs and I like the bluebirds (an illustration in the book)."

My six-year-old said, "I like the songs."

My eight-year-0ld said, "It's something you'd want to play in the nursery."

These books are written for children, ages 3-5. So, I guess my son's assessment was quite true.

The Good News Express books are available for $7.50 each or $20.00 for a set of four.

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