Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Cleaning Party

Last week my daughters (ages 6 and 4) decided they wanted to trade bedrooms. So, they did! They switched out all their toys and clothes. But, you can see from the before pictures below, things didn't quite get done in an orderly fashion! So, with their help today, I did some major cleaning and organizing in their rooms! We had a 13 gallon bag of TRASH to throw away!!!! We now need to make a trip to a local mission to donate toys and clothes. I just put them to bed, and told them how much better they would sleep tonight since their rooms are back in order! 

L's Room Before and After
K's Room Before and After

Kaitlyn loves to draw, color, and paint! In her old room she had pictures taped up ALL OVER THE WALLS!!!! So, in her new room I gave her this bulletin board to put her artwork on. The bulletin board is the ONLY place she can hang things on. I am proud of all she does, but we need some boundaries here:)

There are still a couple things I need to purchase for K's room. She needs a bed skirt made for a daybed, and a valance for her window. For L's room, I need to paint her dresser. 

Go over to Simple Mom if you'd like to learn more about her Spring Cleaning Party!


PW said...

Looks wonderful!! What a great job, and to think they thought of it, which probably made your work a lot easier, because they kept at it!! :)

Teri Lynne Underwood said...

Nikki, this looks great! My sil, Beth, referenced you in her blog ... check it out ... Love ya, my sweet friend!!