Friday, April 10, 2009


Below is a picture my 7yo son drew. At first glance, his drawings look cluttered and chaotic. But, once you ask him about his drawing they truly come to life! Every section of this drawing tells a story. He drew about how the Romans captured slaves and sold them at a market. He also drew about chariot races and the Gladiators fighting in the Colloseum. He drew Romans making a mosaic and building a statue. This drawing alone is evidence that he listened well and learned a lot about ancient Rome!

The children also learned that Romans didn't treat the poor very well. Below is a narration the children shared after reading about the Romans from the Usborne Time Traveler.

Rich vs. Poor
If I was a Roman I would hope I'd be important and rich so I would not have to be a slave. Rich Romans did not treat poor Romans very well. Rich Romans buy slaves at the slave market. Then, the slaves have to do all their owner's work. If I were a rich Roman during this time, I'd treat my slaves with kindness.
At parties, the less important people sit at a different table, and they don't get the best food. The most important people get the best food. The slaves make sure there's enough wine and food for the important people. People are there to play music and read poetry. The Romans do not sit in chairs, they lay down on beds around the tables. Romans treat less important people well, and unimportant people not very well.

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