Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pizza on a Bun

Most days for lunch, we have sandwiches or leftovers. A couple weeks ago, I had some leftover hamburger buns. So, I decided to make pizzas on them. I shared with my children how my mother used to make pizzas like this for me when I was a kid. After tasting one my son said, "Your mom sure was a good cook!" All of you who knew my mother KNOW that is an understatement! She was an AMAZING cook!

What do you like to serve your children for lunch?


Simply Sara said...

We do this using bagels, pita bread, buns...whatever we have on any given day. It is my kids absolute favorite lunch meal.
When we're not having that we usually just have sandwiches or leftovers, I know- not terribly exciting, but I use all my brain-creativity for our dinners and there's not much leftover for fun lunches :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, great minds think alike Nikki. (ha ha) Last week we did the same thing with multigrain tortillas. We decided they would be best folded in half and then we just cooked them on the griddle. The kids loved them, Sarah was able to make them (almost) solo and they said we should have these when friends come over. I love when my kids think I'm a genius.

Becky R.