Sunday, March 1, 2009

31st Birthday

Yesterday was my actual birthday. But, Heath and I decided to wait for the weekend to do the REAL celebrating. Our son has cubscouts on Tuesdays, and we didn't want to rush through birthday festivities and then the boys have to leave for scouts. So, Friday night we're going to do birthday cake with the children, and once they are in bed, Heath and I will do a special date night in our home.

Heath surprised me yesterday when he brought home my FAVORITE flowers, and my FAVORITE warm drink from Starbucks. He's such a sweet man, and makes me feel so special and loved. He said he knew we were planning on celebrating Friday, but he didn't want March 3rd to pass by without making it special in some way. I am blessed to be loved by this man of man!

On another note, I have had a few opportunities to laugh at getting another year older. This week I started using a "deep wrinkle" treatment cream for my face, and one of my daughters asked me, "Mom, they had popsicles when YOU were a kid?"

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