Monday, January 26, 2009

Some Serious Smoochin'

February is quickly approaching. We all know what that means. The love holiday, we all call Valentine's Day. So, I'm taking on a serious challenge. But, oh how fun it will be! I'm going to commit to kissing my husband every single day! I'm not talking about some quick little peck on his cheek on his way out the door every morning. I'm talking about "some serious smoochin'" I highly recommend it! I think the month of February will be fun, romantic, and will revert us back to our pre-children days!

Come back soon. I'm working on a post called "At-Home Dates." My husband and I try to spend special time together even if we don't have the time, the resources, or the babysitters to have a night out on the town. I'll share some of our ideas with you all, and hopefully you all can create some awesome, romantic, and sweet nights at home!

I learned about this challenge over at one of my favorite blogs,  We Are THAT Family!

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