Thursday, October 16, 2008

School All Around the Home

T and K were enjoying playing a concentration game. This game helps teach them their sight words (you, say, day, etc..).
While I was taking pictures of them, I realized that we really do use just about every room of our home throughout the week to do school work. Most of the time, we are upstairs in the loft. Sometimes we are on the couch reading. Sometimes we are at the kitchen counter or table. Sometimes we use Tyler's room to play a concentration game.

Art Around the Home

I've been spending some time the past couple weeks researching ways to teach art to the children. K will spend HOURS in her room just drawing. So, for her birthday I'm going to put together an art tackle box for her. I got the idea from this blog.

I asked some "online friends" for some help in helping me teach my children art. This is what an art educator shared with me. Just wanted to pass on some of these helpful tips.

I would encourage you to let him explore his interest in art, not only in making art but by looking at art. Developing observation skills and becoming visually literate is, in my biased opinion, one of the keys to a good education. Even medical school are now having courses taught by art educators to help improve the visual diagnostic skills of physicians. But, I digress. Here are some resources I would recommend:

1. your local museum or art center. many will have tours specially geared for home school groups (I've lead many of them!) and/or classes your child can take.

2. look at museum websites. most any large museum has a child-geared website from their education program. you can see art, get started on art projects, and play art-based games. I like Denver Art Museum's site, the Museum of Modern Art's Destination site, and the Dallas Museum of Art's page isn't as flashy, but has good info.

3. Some books for your child:
The "How Artists See...." series by Colleen Carroll
(there is also a great parent/teacher guide to this series with activity ideas)
Squeaking of Art: The Mice Go To the Museum
"Art Is..." by Rackza
"Art Up Close" by d'Harcourt

4. Some books for you as the teacher:
"Art in Story" by Saccardi (really lovely whole lessons in here that integrate writing, history, art, and more!)
"Teaching Art with Books Kids Love" by Frohardt
(this one covers all the basic elements of art)

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GMmom said...

I'm glad you found my tidbits useful. Have fun getting messy and learning to see in new ways. I'm taking my kids to the art museum this weekend!