Friday, July 6, 2007

Flying Time!

We moved from AR back to MO on May 14th! I have all these ideas of things I'd like to blog about. I have pics I'd like to post also. I just don't know where all my time goes though??? Does anyone else relate...LOL!!! It's been two months since our move (almost). But, I still don't feel as settled as I'd like. I think it's because I've done 4 trips (all consisting of 3-5 hours driving each way), and taught Vacation Bible School. Oh, and I do have a family and a home to take care of!!! LOL!!!

My husband is now a sole pastor in a church in NW Missouri. I don't really feel any different being the pastor's wife:-) I guess that's a good thing, because I'm not any different!

I do have to say that life is different though. Even though Heath is the only one on staff, we still see him more than we did those three years he was in seminary! He would spend 3 hours in the car 4 days/week, 5 hours in class, many hours reading and researching and studying, and he was in ministry full-time. Most days, we eat 3 meals together! Sure, there are visits to make and meetings for him to attend, but life (right now anyway) is a bit slower in comparison to our "seminary days." For that, I am thankful!

We enjoyed our 4th of July! Heath's birthday is around the corner, and Tyler will be celebrating one shortly as well.

The summer is coming to a close, and I have got to get busy and start setting up our NEW school room. We are blessed to be able to devote an entire room in the basement for our homeschool space. I am sooooooo excited about this. I have all these visions and ideas popping up in my head. I still need to get some maps for the walls, a globe, an art easel, area rug, and who knows what else....LOL!!! So, if you any of you know some good deals on the items I mentioned, please share:-)

Enjoy the rest of your summer! I am planning on slowing down a bit and ENJOYING mine!


Totallyscrappy said...

I can't wait to see your pics! And take pictures of your basement school. :)

TeriLynneU said...

Thanks for visiting my mentoring blog, Nikki! I'm from Missouri - my dad is pastor is NE Missouri. I hope you are setttling in and getting used to life as an SPW. BTW, my brother's name is Heath - and he too is in ministry and talking to his first potential church to SP (he's a YP now).