Friday, June 20, 2014

Bringing Hope to a Child in India

A couple years ago, a Gospel for Asia speaker visited our church and our family learned more about their Bridge of Hope program. Through this program, children learn about Jesus, are given a quality education, medical care, and a daily meal. Without the Bridge of Hope Center, these children would not receive these basic things our family takes for granted. 

At the end of our worship service that day, our family went forward to choose a child to sponsor. We sponsor a 13-year-old young man named Brajmohan. We enjoy writing back and forth with him, and it is always exciting to find a letter in the mailbox from him. We pray for Brajmohan to live his life for Christ, to be a light in his community, for his health and safety, and for him to stay in the program so he can receive a good education. We are always impressed with his writing and are confident Gospel for Asia is providing a great spiritual and academic education. 

After reading "No Longer a Slumdog" and hearing the Gospel for Asia speaker, we believed without a doubt this was something our family needed and wanted to do. 

My husband is a pastor. I am a homemaker and homeschooling mother. We live on one income. I might complain from time to time about how little we have compared to others, but I realized after traveling overseas on international mission trips, after learning more about the plight of the Dalit people in India, that I am indeed very, very rich. 

To sponsor a Bridge of Hope Child costs $35/month and our family is confident that $35/month is going to make an ETERNAL difference in the life of a child in India. I'd rather spend $35 to make an eternal impact on someone's life than take my family out to eat. 

Would you please consider praying for the Kingdom Work Gospel for Asia is doing? Take a few minutes to visit the links provided in this post to learn more, and prayerfully consider sponsoring a child today. 

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