Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lauren's Fashion Birthday Party

 My baby turned 9 on Sunday, March 30th. We had a fashion-themed birthday party for her on Saturday, the 29th. We sent out simple invitations I created over at PicMonkey using their "design" feature. We found adorable plates, cups and napkins at the Dollar Tree, and I was completely surprised at the wide selection my local store had.

We set up a photo booth and used all the same props we used at our homeschool co-op's valentine party. Here's a sweet pic of the birthday girl and her dad.

We took pictures of the girls as a group and then gave them an opportunity to pair up any way they chose or individually. While I got the girls started on their craft, my sister-in-law used my laptop to send the pictures to be developed at a nearby CVS so they could be picked up before the end of the party. So when each girl went home they took their decoupaged frame and 2-3 photos home with them as a party favor. We purchased wooden frames at Michaels for $1 each and a pack of animal print scrap booking paper and let the girls use mod podge to decoupage their frames with foam paint brushes.

Once the frames were done, I divided the girls up into two teams and chose a model for each team. Each team was given tape, tissue and toilet paper and asked to design and create a dress and put it on their model. Once the girls were done, their model walked the "runway" and was judged for best design. Both teams were incredibly creative and all the girls seemed to really enjoy this activity.

The two models wearing their beautiful fashions. 

Lauren asked for plain glazed donuts instead of birthday cake again this year. So, we stacked them up on a pretty cake plate, stuck in some candles and she was pretty stinkin' happy. The refreshments were very simple. We had a bowl of M&M candies, donuts, pretzels and punch.

Since our parsonage is quite small, we were very blessed to be able to reserve and use an area of our church called "Children's World" for the party. It worked perfectly for all we wanted to do.

2014 is the year of friend birthday parties (we do them every other year) and I would say we got off to a fun start with Lauren's party. Tyler's birthday is in August and Kaitlyn's birthday is in November. So I have some time to recoup and plan the parties they want to have.

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