Wednesday, February 19, 2014

AWANA Silver and Golds

Kaitlyn has finished her AWANA book and has begun working on her silver and golds (reviews and fun interactive activities). One of the things she chose to do for a gold section, was to make a recipe from Bible times. She chose to make unleavened bread and then she took it to her class to share with them. We also looked at information about unleavened bread in the Bible. 

Do your children participate in AWANA or any sort of Bible memory verse program or challenge?


Debra Brinkman said...

We just started, so no Silver or Golds for us.

Trina's roughly halfway through the first book for Sparks, but my understanding is she will get Sparks book #2 instead of doing the review stuff.

Richard is working on the first T&T book, and we're hoping he'll finish up before the year ends. There too, though, my understanding is that he'll move to book #2 rather than do review.

I think we'll be doing some of the review stuff over the summer though. :)

Nikki said...

Debra, my understanding is that review only takes place if the child completes their book before the end of the year. So, if they finish their book at the end of the year with no time to review, then yes, they will simply move on to the next book the next AWANA year.
Kaitlyn is the only one of my children who has completed silver and gold sections in the past. She is just one of those self-motivated learners and works on things like search sites (T&T book) on her own. Also, this cold winter has given her even more time to work on her book at home. Ha!