Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Animal Planet Future Stars?

Last Friday we found a toad while doing some yard work. The kids went into immediate action. They found a bucket to put it in, ran and got some gloves so they could handle the frog, and then of course the iPod came out so they could make a video like the stars on Animal Planet. They kept the frog around for an hour or so and then safely released it in the woods in our backyard. We hope we'll get to see our little friend again sometime soon!

I couldn't keep from smiling as I raked and cleaned out flower beds because I am so thankful for how learning naturally happens when you simply allow children the freedom to run, play, and explore the beautiful world God created.

Would you like to enjoy some nature studies? I would encourage you to check out the Handbook of Nature Study. Today they are sharing a special blog carnival all about reptiles and amphibians. 

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Bro. Heath said...

Those two definitely compliment each other. He's giving the technical answers, and she's trying to make it relatable to the common person!