Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Natural Learning

I have been overwhelmed lately by the amount of learning my children do on their own. You will not find these moments of learning written down in my homeschool planner, but my children are indeed learning when they are given time to explore their own interests.

Recently, the girls checked out some books about drawing from the library and they have been drawing all sorts of horses and princesses. 

My son reads about military history and nature constantly and we often refer to him as our walking animal encyclopedia. 

There are times when my children look out the window and tell me about the different birds they see at our feeders. 

Learning occurs when the girls spend time with me in the kitchen cooking, baking, and creating. 

I realize learning flows throughout our home naturally and I am beginning to see my children becoming a bit more independent and taking ownership of their learning more and more. I agree with Robert Frost when he said, “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” Sure, I have taught my children how to read, write, and some math facts, but they have chosen to run with learning on their own - and they have shown me how simply and naturally learning occurs when a teacher transforms into an awakener.

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Letha P said...

I love these times when I see my children "learning naturally". I think homeschooled kids get a bit more time in their day to do just that. :)