Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Life Changing Gifts

The Dalits of South Asia are a large people group (more than 3 million) called the "Untouchables." They are said to be cursed, filthy, and worthless. They have no hope of a better life because their religion teaches them they have no way of escaping their low caste in life and are stuck in a cycle of life-long poverty and discrimination. Dalits must work the jobs no one else wants to work and even then they are unable to support their families properly.

Gospel for Asia has equipped missionaries in Asia to be able to give gifts of compassion to the Dalit people and introduce them to the God of hope and help them escape poverty and find peace in knowing and serving Jesus. Gospel for Asia has made it possible for us to purchase Christmas gifts for the Dalit people and these gifts are not ordinary, but rather gifts that have the power to change their lives not just here on earth, but eternally as well.

Gifts like chickens and sewing machines can change the lives of the Dalit people in South Asia. Chickens reproduce quickly and their eggs and offspring can be sold for profit and of course can be used for food as well. When a Dalit learns to sew and is given the gift of their own sewing machine, they are given opportunities to work instead of beg for food.

If you have children, gather them around your computer and look around at Gospel for Asia's Christmas catalog. Decide how much money you can give as a family to change the lives of people in South Asia and choose your gifts together as a family. I know my animal loving children especially love purchasing gifts from the stable. You can also purchase gifts for the poor and buy items such as warm blankets or help a family get clean water into their home. Gifts of outreach include things like VBS materials, gospel tracts, and Bibles. Gospel for Asia missionaries also need our support so they can continue to travel to villages and share Jesus. Perhaps you'd like to support a missionary all year long? There's an opportunity for you to bless in that way as well.

Christmas is drawing near. Please consider giving a gift that has the potential to introduce a Dalit to Jesus Christ, support them financially, and give them eternal hope and security. Give a gift that will last and not end up broken and in the trash.

If you have any questions about Gospel for Asia please don't hesitate to comment and I'd be happy to share more with you.

May Christ shine brightly and be worshiped through our gift giving this year!

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