Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Using Bio Poems for Character Analysis with Children

The children wrote a bio poem on Harriet Tubman. I used a free resource I found at Laura Candler's website.  The form I used is found in her "Bio Poems Made Easy." Using bio poems in literature is a fun way for young students to be introduced to character analysis.

Kind, loving, caring
Lover of her family.
Who is able to get rid of slavery.
Who feels like black people should be treated like white people.
Who wonders if she'll ever be free.
Who fears nothing.
Who would like to get rid of slavery.
Who dreams of being free.

Amazing, wonderful, awesome.
Lover of her family
Who is able to work really hard.
Who feels sadness.
Who wonders if she can help people.
Who fears people who can hurt her family.
Who would like to help people who have no homes.
Who dreams about helping slaves.

Hard working, heroic, determined
Lover of abolitionist.
Who feels that all people should be treated right.
Who wonders why slavery was started.
Who fears a world of slavery.
Who would like to see no slavery.
Who dreams of a country where everyone is free.

If you are studying the civil war, here's another free Harriet Tubman resource I found at NotebookingPages.com.

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Jenn said...

Love the idea of bio poems! We did "I" poems a couple of weeks ago and loved it:) Thanks for sharing this