Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clean Water

According to, a child dies from a water-related illness every 20 seconds. This statistic is incomprehensible to those of us who live in the United States, but it is reality to many people in Asia. Especially those who live in remote areas where their only source of water is a muddy pond. Gospel for Asia has been able to go into some places where Christian missionaries are not welcome because of their willingness to bring biosand water filters.  God is using rocks, concrete, and sand as a means to open the door for missionaries to share about Christ's love and the salvation that is found in Him alone.

You can help Gospel for Asia Missionaries by purchasing BioSand filters for $30.00 or for $1,000.00, a Jesus Well can be placed near a GFA church or college so villagers can come and not only get water, but have the opportunity to hear about Jesus.

It is sad that there are people in Asia dying because they do not have access to clean drinking water. However, it is even more sad that they are dying without Christ. Would you like to help Gospel for Asia not only get clean water to people, but more importantly, help them get Jesus to the people?

Below is a short video to see how Gospel for Asia is making clean water easy and accessible to so many and for only $30 you can provide one family with a BioSand filter so they can have safe drinking water.

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