Friday, December 30, 2011

Family-Friendly Spanish Curriculum

Homeschool Spanish is a R.E.A.L. curriculum for the entire family to enjoy. R.E.A.L is an acronym and it means:

Doesn't that sound nice? A curriculum that encourages you to relax, enjoy, aspire, and learn TOGETHER as a family!

Our family has been using this curriculum for the past month and we are enjoying it. We are taking it very slowly. We are still working our way through unit one learning all the greetings in Spanish. I just got done serving my children lunch and without any prompting they are saying "Gracias" and I say "De Nada." We are learning to implement what we're learning into normal parts of our day, not just the few moments we spend doing our Spanish lessons.

I received this material to download and the process was simple. I received the book bundle with the daily curriculum guide. I highly recommend purchasing the daily curriculum guide. I'm the type of person who really NEEDS that sort of thing to keep me on track and organized! My children love the audio files, because even though I have a tiny bit of Spanish background (very tiny) they know I sometimes do NOT pronounce things correctly. The sound quality is very good on these files. You can view some sample pages by clicking here so you can get an idea how the curriculum is designed and some of the activity pages included.

Pricing and Ordering Information:
There are two ordering options for R.E.A.L Homeschool Spanish. You can choose to either download the material which is priced at $49.95 or purchase a hardcopy which costs $89.95. You can also order a daily curriculum planning guide for $9.95. This program is geared towards children in grades K-8, but a high school supplement is going to be released soon.

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*I received this product free for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.*

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