Saturday, November 12, 2011

Frugal Birthday Celebration

We have never had HUGE birthday parties for our children. I think it's mainly because we live so far away from family. However, we do let them have a few friends over every other year. This year is the year of family only birthday parties. The children get to choose which parent to go out with on a birthday "date." I was so excited K chose me this year, because the past two years she picked her Daddy. I took her to the salon, out to eat lunch, and she got to go shopping with her own birthday money. It was a really fun morning for us and I was thankful for ways to make our outing a little more frugal.

Haircut (wash, cut, dry, and style) and mini manicure = $30. But I had $12 left on a gift certificate, so I only paid $18 out of pocket.

Lunch out = $8.09. I used a BOGO coupon.

Homemade Cake = $8.17

How do you keep birthday celebrations frugal in your home?


Erika said...

What a fun day!

North Laurel said...

Happiness= Priceless ;)

Nikki said...

It was a fun and special day.