Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Frugal Anniversary Celebration

For our anniversary last weekend, I made homemade Mostaccioli con Salscisia (a recipe from one of our favorite restaurants in Columbia, MO). If we would have gone to the Pasta Factory in downtown Columbia, it would have cost us $24.50 for two entrees and to make it at home it cost less than $10.00. We got to eat by candlelight, listen to some nice romantic Jazz, and we were never bothered by a waiter.

Do you ever enjoy date nights at home? This is an old post I wrote about sharing some ideas to have fun date nights at home and another post about how to do this successfully with young children. Now that our children are 10, 9, and 6, date nights at home have gotten a lot easier.

My husband and I have recently started something new with our date nights. One month we plan a special date night at home and the next month we get a babysitter and go out. This is really working for us and we enjoy having this special monthly time carved out for just the two of us. Do you and your spouse carve out special time for one another on a regular basis? How do you make date nights special in your home?

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