Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pickin' Watermelon

On May 23rd, K and her Dad planted a tiny watermelon plant.

On Friday, August 19th, K picked one of her watermelons.

Her plant produced two watermelons. One was named Waddy and the other was named Mellie. She is holding Mellie.

K took the melon inside and washed it. Her Dad helped her cut it open.

Ta-da! A perfect, ripe, and juicy watermelon! I think she did GREAT her first time growing watermelon!

She took the first bite and was excited to report it was "sweet and awesome."


Lori said...

She did do great! We planted watermelons too, but the heat was so bad they cracked open and didn't make it. :(


Sandra said...

How cool! Glad it tasted so good!