Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Highlights from the Boy's Birthday

Here's some highlights from T's 10th birthday celebrations. We set up his fish tank and he got to go to a local pet store and pick out some fish. He's pretty excited!

We love this little guy, can't you tell? That's a pretty good smile for him in a picture. He told an aunt while we were visiting that he's not a little kid anymore, so he doesn't have to smile all cheesy in pictures anymore! (Ha!)

We have made this cake three times this year. It is a chocolate and peanut butter gooey butter cake. I requested it for my birthday, then Heath did, and Tyler did as well.

Living nearly 1,000 miles away from family is sometimes no fun, but the kids do enjoy the extra packages arriving in the mail just for them.

Heath and I got T a Wii game he's been wanting for a while, so we all went down to the basement and watched him play. It was fun to watch him jump around while playing.

After our whirlwind of summer travels, it was wonderful to simply hang out in our home and celebrate T's birthday. T is a home body and prefers hanging out at home over running around any day.


Jimmie said...

Three times? Where's the recipe for that cake, Nikki? It must be some kinda good!
Sprite had a lemon pie for her b-day this year! LOL

Nikki said...

Jimmie, sometimes my husband requests pumpkin pie or a strawberry/blackberry cobbler. Hey! It's your birthday, you can choose what you want, right? :)