Monday, June 6, 2011

A Growing List of Thanks

Thank You Father for these gifts...

249) Seeing a friend smile after seeing her cry five days before.

250) Air conditioning

251) Seeing things grow in our container garden.

252) Husband home after a long day.

253) Chatting with a neighbor.

254) Transplanting

255) Baby woodpeckers in our tree.

256) Helpful little girl.

257) Children who love me in spite of all my imperfections.

258) The peace that comes when my mind is fixed on Him - no matter how many times I need to refocus (Is. 26:3).

259) Following through on a commitment made - JOY!

260) The entire house sleeping until 8:30 am on a Saturday morning.

261) All five of us partaking in the Lord's Supper - realization of prayers answered for the salvation of all my children. Thank you, Lord!

262) Sunday afternoon play date for the children.


Jen said...

I love your list. Just ran across your blog from A Holy Experience! Have a blessed day. A new follower,

Jessica said...

wow. love your post in so many ways. what a celebration that all three of your children are believers.

And yes, I am so often amazed that my children still love me whole heartedly despite my failings

Also loved where you talked about the peace that comes as a result of a mind that is meditating on His word. Yes, yes and yes.

Finally, love your about me...your vision as your home being your mission field with your three children. That is so my heart as well and I pray one day they will come to know the Lord.

Thanks so much for sharing and encouraging.