Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Study on Lewis and Clark

Here are a few of our notebooking pages from our study on Lewis and Clark. We of course have a map included that shows the Louisiana Purchase and the route of the expedition. The maps we used came from a WonderMaps, which I am reviewing for The Old Schoolhouse Crew, and that review will post on Monday. The children also have some written narrations included. My son and daughter both wrote about Sacagawea and my son wrote an additional narration about when the expedition team first encountered a grizzly bear (his favorite story from the book we read).

Resources used:
* Items we used in our notebook came from a website called Dynamic 2 Moms. They offer free lapbooks, notebooks, and units for homeschoolers.
* National Geographic: Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West - this is a 45 minute movie available to watch instantly on Netflix.
* The Lewis and Clark Expedition by Richard Neuberger

Once we finished doing all our reading and our notebook pages were complete, the children were excited to find a couple books about the Lewis and Clark expedition at the library. I was thrilled to see their interest and their desire to continue their learning!

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Jennifer said...

One completely unplanned highlight on our fall vacation was a rest stop in South Dakota. In it was a Lewis and Clark museum that kept our attention for hours.