Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Gifts

Thank You, Father, for these gifts...

183) A friend trusting enough to ask me to intercede.

184) Watching children blow and chase bubbles.

185) Hugging a friend who's still alive even though doctors said she wouldn't last this long.

186) Pandora radio

187) Warm drinks on cold and rainy days.

188) Bird watching with my boy.

189) Movie, popcorn, and giggles with my children.

190) A friend who challenges and sharpens me. A friend who still loves and encourages after sin is confessed to one another.

191) Box of Repentance

192) The Last Supper

193) Prophecy fulfilled

194) Choir

195) Laughter

196) The Cross

197) Message through song.

198) Shopping for food with my family.

199) Still a sinner - Christ died for me.

200) "Jesus, you left wonderful and glorious Heaven to come down to our terrible and sinful world and suffered so much." Part of K's bedtime prayer on Good Friday.

201) Rain and sunshine all in one day.

202) Fellowshipping with friends together all afternoon.

203) Watching children drop their papers in our box of repentance.

204) Worshiping a Risen Savior.

205) Encouragement

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