Friday, April 29, 2011

Latin's Not So Tough

Latin was something I wanted to start with my children this year, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review "Latin's Not So Tough" published by a company called Greek 'N' Stuff. This is a Classical Latin program. I was a little nervous about introducing this new subject to my 3rd and 2nd grader because I have no background in Latin whatsoever. However, my husband took two years of Latin in high school, and he was thrilled to be able to take a teaching position in our home education program. I taught the children the alphabet using the wonderful pronunciation CD and then my husband did all the other lessons with the children about once a week, and I made sure they reviewed their vocabulary words throughout the week. I feel like I have been through this course as well because the children have had so much fun learning the Latin alphabet and vocabulary words. Some of the words have become part of our family's secret vocabulary. For instance if we don't understand what someone is saying we'll say, "quid" instead of the English word "what." It's kind of fun!

Our family began on Level 2 of this program, and we plan to start level 3 very soon!

This pronunciation CD came in very handy for me when I was teaching the children the alphabet. A few times my husband would pop it into the laptop if he needed a refresher, and he found it helpful as well. There are also flashcards in the back of the workbook that you can cut out and then glue to notecards for extra reinforcement. There are nice pronunciation guides on the back of the alphabet cards. For the vocabulary words you will find the Latin word on one side, and you affix the English definition on the back. However, we only used the flashcards for the alphabet, and my husband had the children make their own practice sheets to learn and practice their vocabulary words.

Pricing Information:
Student Book - $18.95
Answer Only Key - $4.00
Pronunciation CD (good for levels one, two, and three) - $10.00

For someone who has no background in Latin, I thought this was a good program, and my husband (who has two years of Latin under his belt) also agrees. We are satisfied with the progress our young children have made in Latin this school year.

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* I received this product free for review purposes only*

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